Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

This is a regex based sanitizer which will skip html tags.
Spark.Html contains a number of extension methods for HtmlTextWriter. Internally these methods use an IDisposable pattern to encapsulate the rather cumbersome code for adding attributes, rendering the begin tag, and rendering the end tag. The extension methods should generally be called as part...
My package description.
Package description
HTML 5 Controls for ASP
A video player build upon the html 5 video tag that supports playback of subtitles. Supported formats (currently): SubStationAlpha (ass) & SubRip (srt)
A handy helper to make it easier to use CsQuery to parse HTML.
Html format Logger provider
Create angular forms fluently
Layouts is Javascript/Typescript library that allows web developers build complex UI in HTML5 using a Xaml derived markup. Github repository and help online: Tutorial: ...
Общие методы облегчающие некоторые действия с HTML элементами.
Generic picker component for HTML5 and JavaScript®/TypeScript.
The package contains html to pdf tool.
A utility that generates responsive html consisting of responsive columns in a customizable layout.
A ASP.NET MVC HTML Helper that displays the application version number.
Creating HTML output from Razor templates
ASP.Net MVC5 package for aFarkas/html5shiv (