Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

Reads Excel xlsx files in Windows Desktop Projects and Windows Store Apps, C# source module, no dependencies
Excel Export for controller
This is a library for serializing and deserializing an excel file to/from an object list
Single C# class to parse XlTable format.
Excel Interop library based on EPPlus
Enables you to export your DTO objects to an excel file. Useful for dataview export functionality, data analysis
Excel Writer will allow developers to export IEnumerator to excel within 3 lines of code
My package description.
My package description.
Excel to CSV without Microsoft Office.
A collection of helper libraries for Microsoft Excel.
Generate your reports in EXCEL and PDF using only Annotations in ASP NET MVC.
Simple extensions to LinqToExcel
Assembly for reading and writing office file properties and hidden tokens
Для выгрузки отчета в Web проекте через Api. Предоставдляет фреймворк для скачивания и формирование файлов отчетов в формате Excel или Word.
Sends an HTTP or HTTPS request to a RESTful web service. Accepts standard input (stdin) or pipeline input as the body of the request, returns the response body to standard output (stdout) or pipeline output. See for more details.
Late-bound object for interacting with Excel that supports the most common actions with full intellisense comments available.