Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

Reads Excel xlsx files in Windows Desktop Projects and Windows Store Apps, C# source module, no dependencies
Enables you to export your DTO objects to an excel file. Useful for dataview export functionality, data analysis
This is a library for serializing and deserializing an excel file to/from an object list
A simple wrapper around the EPPlus library that enables quick access to Excel rows as a list of dynamic values.
This package provides a very simple data dump into Excel for MVC applicaitions.
Excel abstraction for injecting excel implementations
Lightweight OpenXml framework
Excel Rtd Server
Read and create Excel files in OpenXml format. Based on SpreadsheetLight library and merged with old version of DocumentFormat.OpenXml to allow use new one.
A library that provides simplified threaded and non-threaded execution of SQL statements. It can be used to expose an interface to Microsoft Excel clients, providing threaded, async operations to a single-thread application.
A library of functions built with .NET designed for reuse in Excel VSTO-based application, but also exposable to VBA through the facade pattern.
Light Coding and Heavy Processing Excel Writer
Working with large Excel files is problematic. After reading an article by Joel Spolsky which advocated using Excel to work with Excel files because nobody else has put in everything necessary to optimize the experience like the real thing, I decided to try it out. It turns out that the Excel auto...
Excel Document Model
Edm Writer using EPPlus
FExcel helps with common operations on Microsoft Excel files
Wrapper for the ConfigurationManager class - Contract - Add-in X
Implementation of the wrapper for the class ConfigurationManager - Addin X
Interfaces for the fluent ribbon builder for Excel add-in - Add-in X