Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

Extensions for ExcelDna.Integration
A pure js excel exporter. Export your data from html table or json data. You can give mapping info for customization. More information:
Export to Excel,Word , Pdf, Html,CSV The data could be a C# class or a JSON/CSV string Examples: export=new ExportExcel2007<Person> (); data = export.ExportResult(new List<Person>() { p }); File.WriteAllBytes("a.xlsx", data); Process.Start("a.xlsx"); ...
Wrapper for the ConfigurationManager class - Contract - Add-in X
Implementation of the wrapper for the class ConfigurationManager - Addin X
Wrapper for fluent ribbon Excel add-in with Excel-DNA
Interfaces for the fluent ribbon builder for Excel add-in - Add-in X
[DEPRECATED] Please use ExcelProvider instead (
A set of powershell v2 cmdlets to work with excel data. Work in progress, right now, only import-excel cmdlet available.
ExcelExport is a simple, fluent API to export data to Excel spreadsheets using OleDb. For sample usage, click the Project Information link.
F# Excel interop pakcage.
This project exposes solid interfaces that contains basic operations for handling Excel files. It provides a factory that acts as a Façade to the concrete implementations with the great libraries NPOI and EPPlus.
This is a wrapper simplifying some of the functionality available in the OpenXML SDK v2.0. Currently only Excel functionality is implemented.
Makes VSTO development with Excel far nicer, support DI/IoC, ViewModel per context (Document, Workbook, ApointmentItem etc), WPF like binding in RibbonXML, WPF Support and more!
Replacement/placeholder for System.Web
Its Bharat
Include base constructions of zapos, like abstract document styles or description of the document model.