Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

MacroView.VSTO is a collection of assemblies that makes working with Microsoft VSTO easier. This package contains the code that applies to all Microsoft Office applications. Specifically: - Extension methods - WPF helpers - Logging classes
This project is the .NET version of POI from Apache Foundation. NPOI can read and write xls (Excel 97-2003), xlsx(Excel 2007+) and docx(Word 2007+)
Fluent validation for text content. Ensures that the content read from csv files or excel files is valid or provides maximum feedback if validation errors occur.
Use excel template in excel to export excel file quickly and easily in .net
Library to read data from MS Excel files (XLSX) and into predefined classes.
对于EXCEL导入导出操作实现 github: demo:
You can import or export your excel files easily.
A utility for importing spreadsheets into SQL Server
majaAI remote actions
NS.OpenXml.ExcelInterop is a small .Net library that imports and exports excel files using open xml.
Extension to SheetToObjects (Sheet to object mapper for Google Sheets, Excel, csv), which makes it easy to add SheetToObjects to the Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection services collection.
Adds extension methods to IEnumerables for easy serialization.
Class library for .NET. Provides extension logic for Excel files.
Gerar excel via OpenXml com base em um arquivo modelo
OfficeDocumentsApi is a library for working with office documents (word, excel, powerpoint). OfficeDocumentsApi is able to read or create office documents without direct using xml structures like Open-XML-SDK.
This package wraps Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel functionality into simply usable methods to do necessary actions with excel files
Simple and Easy Interface
KmopoFramework(Excel操作) - Excel.Integration