Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

A library to help encapsulate linq queries
An Entity Framework implementation for RoboTron.Core IRepository.
Chakra framework extensions to work with Entity Framemework OR/M
.NET Datafixtures for Unit Tests
ef tool for generating database tables and columns description
ef tool for generating database tables and columns description
Datalayer base code for .NET application using EF Core
A set of extensions for entity framework classess providing useful functionality, such as update or delete methods for EF Queries, as well as some utility extensions.
Provides Mendz.Data-aware classes and types for creating Entity Framework-compatible contexts and repositories. Obsolete. Get package instead. See for recommendation and samples.
Generic repository pattern implementation for Entity Framework 6 (with async version)
Package Description
Bulk operations for Entity Framework
Package Description
Magicodes.Admin框架微信插件EF Core和迁移库
EntityFramework Ext
Implementations of ASP.NET Core Identity IPasswordValidators
An implementation of M.Repository abstraction using EntityFramework.
Providers access to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA via EntityFramwork and LINQ.
Fork from MikaelEliasson's EntityFramework.Utilities. Custom shcema issue fixed and command timeout added. Fixes are taken from LambdaCruiser and Anthyme. Update operation time out issue fixed. Time out is infinity by default for all operations.