Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Package Description
Package Description
Optimized SQL based id name generation abstraction for data entity repository abstraction.
Model builder extensions for EntityFrameworkCore.
ASP.NET Core Identity by default uses string as primary key, using GuIdentity you will have guid as a primary key.
Datalayer base code for .NET application using EF Core
Data Access Layer for SQL Server over EntityFrameworkCore for MicroNetCore.
R7.Dnn.Extensions.EFCore is a library for DNN Platform web CMS extensions development with Entity Framework Core.
Qurl extensions for EFCore
DNTProfiler.EntityFramework.Core is an entity framework 6.1+ profiler. To view its real-time collected information and reports, you need to download the DNTProfiler application too.
Vouzamo.EntityFramework Class Library
C# extension library for Entity Framework operations.
基础设施 - 仓储基础 - Entity Framework实现
Entity Framework DbContext templates for CodeSmith Generator
EntityFramework пакет для Zen.Core
Entity Framework-based view manager for d60 event sourcing + cqrs kit
The apj .net development framework entity framework data component.