Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Datalayer base code for .NET application using EF Core
A easy way to map ViewModels to Entity Data object. Examples on
Contains an implementation of DbContext mock that uses in memory collections for the DbSets
Extended LINQ support for XPression
This library provides custom mapping configurations for Entity Framework.
Helper classes to implement data access easily
Rather than using the automatic migration provided by EntityFramework, with EFScriptableMigration you can run your own scripts written manl and manually embedded in your assemblies
A framework to work with EntityFramework
Data Access Layer provides concreate entity framework implemenataion of Generic Repository and Unit of Work for your .NET application.
A package that implements Auditing for Entity Framework Core based DbContexts. It is extensible to allow other logging providers like MongoDB, Azure tables etc. Just inherit AuditingDbContext from your application's DbContext and use the overloaded SaveChange(string userName) instead of the standard...
dbup-diy-cli.EntityFramework library.
Package Description
The implementation of CommonUnitOfWork package for EntityFramework 6
Package Description
Repositórios padrão com EntityFramework.
Entity Framework Always Encryted support through Azure Key Vault
Provides PostgreSql data access