Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

DCommon data adapter for Entity Framework
Global exceptions logger for Entity Framework 6.x using ELMAH.
OpenRiaServices.EntityFramework provides the DbDomainService and LinqToEntities classes which can be used to create Domain Service classes for use with a DbContext or ObjectContext from the EntityFramework package. This package supports versions of EntityFramework starting with EF 6.0.1
Repository Pattern For Frankstein
An Abstract Repository Implmentation for Entity Framework, with Entity2DTO / DTO2Entity conversion. Sources included.
Contains interfaces that define persistence-specific functionality
A library that enables you to map private properties using entity framework in order to build encapsulated and rich domain models
BamPi is a .NET library for quickly creating a REST API based on a existing model.
Contains a library that implements Psns.Common.Persistence.Definitions with Entity Framework
Skahal.Infrastructure.Framework.Repositories.IRepository's EntityFramework implementation.
Entity Framework SessionStateProvider
基于EntityFramework实现仓储 - 基础开发服务框架
Library that assists in using ADO.NET and Entity Framework in the same work unit.
Useful EF interceptors (nolock, transaction ..)
Allows to include lambda expressions into each other in c# and Visual Basic. Also allows to avoid using string constants in reflection thus enabling easy refactoring.
Entity Framework Extensions - Event Modules, Auditing
An Entity Framework implementation of IEventStore for CQRS Lite.
Reactive extension wrappers for hot observables of Entity Framework entities
Helper tools to improve testability of Entity Framework-based code using async calls
Dehydrator helps you combine ORMs like Entity Framework with REST service frameworks like WebAPI. By stripping navigational references in your entities down to only their IDs their serialized representation no longer contains redundant or cyclic data. When new or modified deserialized data needs to ...