Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

MiniProfiler integration for Entity Framework versions 4 and 5.
A generic Repository Pattern Entity Framework implementation for .Net.
MiniProfiler integration for Entity Framework 6 adjusted for ServiceStack
Repository pattern for Entityframework
Retrieve the primary key (including composite keys) from any entity
An ASP.NET Identity 3.0 provider for Entity Framework 6
EntityFramework classes and utilities
A set of helpers for Entity Framework
Orb EntityFramework Persistence assembly
Abstract code for EF repository pattern
Orb EntityFramework seed extensions
Awesome entity framework core utility
基于EF6的code first模式的快速开发框架
A testing framework that wraps around Entity Framework 7 for easily Faking DbContext and DbSets
Package Description
Lightweight entity framework for SQL / CSV and XML operations
A helper library to specify eager fetching as one or several configurations
A light weight library for writing domain centric database applications.
使用 AutoMapper.EF6 为 Blocks.EntityFramework 操作提供映射。