Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Design-time Entity Framework Core Functionality for SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 data store
Design-time Entity Framework Core Functionality for SQL Server Compact data store
Contains an implementation of DbContext mock that uses in memory collections for the DbSets
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Entity Framework Repository
Entity Framework Auditable Repository
DbContext extensions that helps iterate queryables in batches
Entity Framework Auditing Context
MR.AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework6 implementation that uses an int as the primary key for users and roles.
A simple library that contains some useful extensions for EntityFramework.
XlsToEf is a library you can use to help you import rows from excel files into your entities and then save right to the database with Entity Framework. It includes components to take care of most of the mechanical work of an import, and also includes several helper functions that you can use in your...
Tools to help test with Entity Framework 6
Package Description
Package Description
Provides an Entity Framework provider for use with the GenericODataWebApi package
In-memory mock for EntityFramework 6 DbContext
Package Description
Extensions for Entity Framework 6 migrations. Supports table and column descriptions, default values and always encrypted columns.
SQL Server DATEDIFF function support for Entity Framework Core
Retrieve the primary key (including composite keys) from any entity