Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

DotNetCore's EntityFramework implementation.
Sintari Technologies - Helpers - Entity Framework
This package provides an Entity Framework implmentation of the Unit OF Work and Repositories defined by Naif.Data
BuildingBlocks.Net - Data : Entity Framework
Vouzamo.EntityFramework Class Library
Mohicansoft.Blogging.EntityFramework Class Library
Reusable unit of work and repository implementations over Entity Framework
EntityFramework 6 provider for Identity 3.0.
Idea7.UnitOfWork.EntityFramework Class Library
Vouzamo.EntityFramework.SimpleInjector Class Library
Loads and saves entire detached entity graphs (the entity with their child entities and lists). Inspired by GraphDiff.
Adds enums support to Entityframewok.
Permite agregar un repositorio basado en EntityFramework
基础设施 - 仓储基础 - Entity Framework实现
Package Description
C# extension library for Entity Framework operations.