Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Pooka.Repo A simple CQRS repository
A generic repository pattern for use with EntityFramework. This library also supports accessing multiple DB context in the same project.
Generic Repository for MVC 5 and EntityFramework 6.1 with built-in security logging.
A WinForms utility to help manage Entity Framework 6.0+ migrations
SimpleInjector and EntityFramework integration for Abstractor.Cqrs
Toolkit for configuring Entity Framework to work with PostgreSQL database using Npgsql.
Provides integration-layer for CostEffectiveCode general-purpose framework and 7-th version of EntityFramework
This package provides core interfaces and helpers used by Dehydrator. Install this package instead of the main Dehydrator package in Model-only assemblies to reduce coupling.
A simple, mostly async DataAccessor for Entity Framework. Allowing standard CRUD Operations in complex data models with parallel database reads.
Realm components for Entity Framework.
Provides access to several async data access methods for Entity Framework
Extension allowing entity framework use with MvcNext.
Dominion components for Entity Framework.
N-Tier Entity Framework Silverlight T4 code generation templates.
Convenient EntityFramework
A library that extends Include of Entity Framework to provide filtering navigation property.
Easily call stored procedures by writing an interface that describes their names, inputs, and results. Uses the CodeOnlyStoredProcedures library to acually execute the stored procedures.
EFAutomation is a convention based extension library for Entity Framework to automate several tasks currently cumbersome to do. It allows developers to create an Entity Framework based Context without having to specify each entity by putting it as DbSet<> as property.
Entity Framework 6 Provider for VFP data.
With the new release of MVC 5, Microsoft add AspNet.Identity Framwrork, but the AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework only support Code First Pattern, while for Databas/Model First Pattern, it is hard to code all the class by hand. so we add the to support this pattern. ...