Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Couple methods which allows to generate connection string in Code. It genreates connection string without database name (for database creation) with database, for CRUD operations, and entity framework connection string with all metadata.
Derafsh is an object-relational mapper that enables .NET developers to read or write operations in single statements. You can easily read a complex object from (or write to) multiple related tables at SQL Server database.
Provides support for features specific to Entity Framework Core in Linq to Querystring
$This a library created to check if the tables defined in an EDM schema are still valid in the live SQL server database and generate an upgrade script for the database if there are a missing fields or missing tables.$
Some usefull extenders for EntityFramework 6. examples: - changing history table extension
Tools to help seed and/or add users and roles
SuperNet for EntityFramework Extensions
miniprofiler module to track entityframeworkcore compatible with xray
Provides a simple generic implementation of the Repository Pattern for Entity Framework 6.
Contains various Text Datasources for the SSSIEntityFramework. Currently only CSV files.
A helper utility class used by SSIEntityFramework data sources for authentication.
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mysql ef core infrastructure
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Microsoft.AspNet.Scaffolding.EntityFramework.12.0 contracts assembly for Visual Studio.