Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Package Description
Entity Framework Always Encryted support through Azure Key Vault
Provides PostgreSql data access
Provides MSSQL data access
A package that implements Auditing for Entity Framework Core based DbContexts. It is extensible to allow other logging providers like MongoDB, Azure tables etc. Just inherit AuditingDbContext from your application's DbContext and use the overloaded SaveChange(string userName) instead of the standard...
UniRepository.Core includes the main interfaces for the UniRepository library.
Generic repository pattern implementation for Entity Framework 6 (with async version)
Bulk operations for Entity Framework
Providers access to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA via EntityFramwork and LINQ.
ef tool for generating database tables and columns description
Tools to help generate entities and their supporting classes.
Entity Framework's Code First implementation of the Juanagui.Common.Repositories package's IRepository interface.
NCommon data adapter for Entity Framework
Scaffolds a WCF RIA DbDomainService for your Code-First Model Update: Colin Blair has kindly taken over the Scaffolding support, for the latest go get RiaServicesContrib.EntityFramework.Scaffolding.
Legacy package. Please use this package: quickstart.mvc3.unity.ef.sample. Or look for other packages with the quickstart namespace. Quickstart sample for using Unity and EntityFramework with MVC 3. Uses existing NuGet projects to give you a quickstart!
Entity Framework Repository, Unit of Work Interfaces and Abstract DbContextRepository, DbContextUnitOfWork derived from Interfaces.
[NOTE: this deprecated package simply installs the replacement package via a single dependency.] Supports triggers in entity framework.
NOT OFFICIAL! EntityFramework.Extended library for Entity Framework 6.0. After the original author update EF to 6.0, this package will no longer be available.
A customisable T4 template that generates POCO based Repositories from your EDMX file - simply edit the name of the EDMX file at the top of the TT file and run!