Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

FluentSql library makes writing Sql statements easy. It can be used for simple CRUD to multiple join queries. Using a fluent api, one can write in C# or VB sql like statements that translate into a lean Sql statement that a DBMS can process. FluentSql uses Dapper to execute its statements.
Dapper is a Stack Overflow ORM Framewrok , now I supported to Migrations for PgSQL,MSSQL,MySQL and by default SQLlite.
The CastleWindsor Container for the Dapper.Extensions.Linq.
This library provides a template for discovering your database model into a series of classes which build the sql needed for reads and writes dynamically. Instead of libraries which only provide fixed / hard coded SQL, this library attempts to provide parameterized sql generation on the fly. Allowin...
A memory cache module for the Nyan data service stack
An AES encryption module for the Nyan data service stack
A UDP Log module for the Nyan data service stack
A simple data access layer built using Dapper for the .NET Standard Library.
zxm.Dapper.Extensions.AspNetCore is an extensions to use zxm.Dapper within AspNetCore.
Dapper extension for IdentityServer3
A repository framework for Dapper
Provides extension methods to Entity Framework Core DbContext, for querying using parameterized raw SQL queries, then logged using Serilog. Provides extension methods for defragmenting database indexes. Provides pagination base classes and methods.
Easy Table Valued Parameter - Easy one to many insert/update/delete.
Dapper; installed as code that compiles into your project instead of an assembly dependency.
SmartSql V2.0 obsolete SmartSql.Logging.NLog using DI injection.
Repository and unit of work implementation using Dapper
Raf is .net farmework rapid development framework
DBHelperDapper library. Requires: - .NET Framework(>=4.0)