Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

more extensions for dapper
dapper data access module for dot net standard
Package Description
Extension handlers for entity framework
Basic usage of Dapper with Dapper.SimpleCrud
An extension to the Popsql library that integrates it seamlessly with the Dapper micro-ORM.
A utility library for Dapper.
Easy Table Valued Parameter - Easy one to many insert/update/delete.
Provides extension methods to Entity Framework Core DbContext, for querying using parameterized raw SQL queries, then logged using Serilog. Provides extension methods for defragmenting database indexes. Provides pagination base classes and methods.
Dapper操作MSSQL或MySQL常用方法封装, 支持异步、事务及批量导入, 具体使用方法请参阅README.md说明或者联系作者
A repository framework for Dapper
Package Description
Identity package that uses Dapper with MySQL instead EntityFramework for use with .NET Core.
Support use Dapper in ZKWeb. For more information please visit project site.
Dapper.FluentMap extension for Dommel support.
Extension methods to aid in the execution with Dapper of queries written with Flepper..