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Package Description
DrivenDb is a better microORM. Unique features, excellent performance, and cleaner code in as few trips to the database as possible.
simple utilities for Dapper
An extension to the Popsql library that integrates it seamlessly with the Dapper micro-ORM.
Conector multi datos con funcionales sencillas y útiles
Basic usage of Dapper with Dapper.SimpleCrud
This module of the GFramework gives you automatic CRUD functionality based on the framework
Dapper操作MSSQL或MySQL常用方法封装, 支持异步、事务及批量导入, 具体使用方法请参阅README.md说明或者联系作者
Provides extension methods to Entity Framework Core DbContext, for querying using parameterized raw SQL queries, then logged using Serilog. Provides extension methods for defragmenting database indexes. Provides pagination base classes and methods.
Extension for EntityFramework Library brings together the best of the EntityFramework with Dapper. Basic CRUD operations (Query, Insert, Update, Delete) for your POCOs.
Conjunto de classes e metodos para facilitar a vida dos desenvolvedores.
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Dapper extensions for SQL Server
Extensions for the Dapper micro ORM.
Based Upon DapperExtensions this Orm Package is fully refactoerd for performance and with added features like projection and In Predicate
A utility library for Dapper.
基于 Dapper、Dapper-Extensions 构建的微型 ORM 类库,提供一个包含增、删、改、查等常用方法的数据访问层基类,支持用 Lambda 表达式书写查询和更新条件
This is a fork by Claudio Barca of original code Dapper.SimpleCRUD written by Eric Coffman. This patch was required to insert tables with primary key named as "Id" but NOT autoincrement value. Simple Get, GetList, Insert, Update, and Delete extensions for Dapper. Uses smart defaults for a...