Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

Extensions for Dapper.
NetAppDev.DataAccess.Dapper library
Dapper.SQLExtensions aims at providing an easy SQL statements builder to use side-by-side with Dapper.
Dapper Backend for Activout.DatabaseClient.
A small library that complements Dapper by adding basic CRUD operations (Get, Insert, Update, Delete) for your POCOs. For more advanced querying scenarios, Dapper Extensions provides a predicate system. ===================== add methods
Helper methods GetOne, GetMany, GetScalar, GetScalarBool, GetScalarDate, NonQuery
Dapper SQL Repository
Package Description
Dapper extensions for SQL Server
Extensions for the Dapper micro ORM.
Plato.Async deployment package
Dapper, DapperExtensions and Linq Queries.
Dapper.SimpleLoad makes it easy to load complex object hierarchies from a relational database.
A simple abstraction atop the Dapper extension methods for testability.
Dapperer an extension for Dapper
Abstractions for Zaaby.Dapper.UnitOfWork.
Repository for Zaaby.Dapper.