Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

A simple helper class!
Dapper + QueryObject pattern, MiniProfiler support included
Sid.Dapper.Repository is an extensions to intergration with dapper-dot-net and MicroOrm.Dapper.Repositories.
An implementation of the Syrx ICommander for relational databases.
Simple API to fluently map POCO properties to database columns when using Dapper.
A high performance fully-async Micro-ORM for ADO.NET.
Simplifies the use of Qb.Net with Dapper
Lightweight code-first ORM made with Dapper, targeting SQL Server Compact Edition
It helps in generating complex queries, optimizing code and generating more flexibility, making it easier to maintain and create complex queries with less bureaucracy.
Yet another repository base on dapper with fluent api.
Simple database helper library.
Simple database helper library.
Experimental class library for generating PostgreSQL database schemas and Dapper ORM objects from a MySQLWorkbench .mwb file.
Dapper is a Stack Overflow ORM Framewrok , now I supported to Migrations for PgSQL,MSSQL,MySQL and by default SQLlite.
A memory cache module for the Nyan data service stack
An AES encryption module for the Nyan data service stack
A UDP Log module for the Nyan data service stack
A simple data access layer built using Dapper for the .NET Standard Library.