Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

Vulcan 基于Dapper.NET的数据库链接托管类库,支持数据库链接管理透明化,支持事务包装,内置支持Mysql和MSSQL数据库,可扩展支持其他数据库,只要Dapper支持即可
A high performance fully-async Micro-ORM for ADO.NET.
Library with common extensions and helpers for use Dapper in code
Simplifies the use of Qb.Net with Dapper
DataTables.AspNet extensions for DapperExtensions.
Package Description
This pack is Dapper Implementation
Functional wrapper for Dapper.
This is an lambda extension of dapper, Chain style makes developers more elegant and intuitive.
SQLinq Dapper extension for .NETStandard
dapper extension orm sqlmap sqllog
dapper extension orm sqlmap sqllog
dapper extension orm sqlmap sqllog
DynamicParameters Helpers for Oracle Applications on NetCore
使用Dapper封装的组件,用于操作MySQL或SqlServer数据库; 相关的源代码和示例请移步至:
Dapper is a Stack Overflow ORM Framewrok , now I supported to Migrations for PgSQL,MSSQL,MySQL and by default SQLlite.
Small set of classes that can make your batch SQL insertion or update much faster.
Dapper + QueryObject pattern, MiniProfiler support included
The part of a micro-ORM that maps POCOs to database tables.