Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

DBHelperDapper library. Requires: - .NET Framework(>=4.0)
Dapper for IdentityServer3 including Clinet, Scope and Token etc.
DataTables.AspNet extensions for DapperExtensions.
The Dapper SqlBuilder component, for building SQL queries dynamically. This is an alternate version, as the Dapper.SqlBuilder package is not maintained by StackExchange, and the publisher doesn't update it for almost an year.
Bomir.Dapper data wrapper framework (Only for MS Sql Server DB). Test Project is available here :
NFinal2 MVC framework
A fast repository lib like springdata to query by interface only .
Compiste web application development framework, application development infrastructure. SchuberFramework web libraries.
Package Description
This pack is Dapper Implementation
Package Description
Package Description
Update Project Configuration
A simple abstraction atop the Dapper extension methods for testability.
Trivial micro-orm implemented on Dapper, provides with CRUD helpers.
DapperPoco is a reflection driven SQL generator that wraps the popular Dapper ORM framework. With DapperPoco you just create your POCO objects, decorate them, and use them; no writing SQL statements unless absolutely necessary.
Repository wrapper for dapper