Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

Provides a common database context and predicates for use with Dapper.
Dashing is a simple to use mini ORM built on top of Dapper. It aims to provide fantastic productivity while not sacrificing (too much) performance.
zxm.Dapper is an extensions to intergration with dapper-dot-net and MicroOrm.Dapper.Repositories.
An easy-to-use timeseries database client that allows storing of masses of simple of data structures identified by a string id and a timestamp. This package has been discontinued from version 7.0.0 and onwards. All classes has been moved to Vibrant.Tsdb.
simple utility for OracleDb specific extensions
simple utility for Sql specific extensions
Acesse mais de um tipo de banco de dados de forma fácil via ADO.NET. Atualmente dando suporte aos bancos. - SqlServer - MySql - Firebird É possível implementar outros bancos de dados de forma fácil!
A small library that adds generic repository features to Dapper, and additionally predicates and a logging system.
Dapper dot net lambda extension for CRUD
Dapper with Entity helpers based on Dapper.Rainbow.
A library to facilitate some database interactions that we need to perform in our applications.
Get an easily customizable backend running quickly using Dapper.
A library to facilitate some database interactions that we need to perform in our applications.
Extension methods to aid in the execution with Dapper of queries written with Flepper..
Simple CRUD operations for Dapper.
Dapper.FluentMap extension for Dommel support.
Identity package that uses Dapper with MySQL instead EntityFramework for use with .NET Core.
Coda is used by Cedita when creating new applications that follow certain standards of development and practices. Continually updated with new features and bugfixes as necessary, commercially supported from Cedita.
Dapper extensions for sdmap.
Dapper extensions for sdmap. Note: FlySql has renamed to SMSOneSQL.