Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages
Package Description
Package Description
Simple extension to Dapper to allow arbitrary column to property mapping.
Allows for SQLinq to be more easily used with a little help from "Dapper dot net".
A simple abstraction on top of the Dapper extension synchronous and asynchronous methods to aid testability. This is based on the original code by Andrew Miller.
A branch of tmsmith's DapperExtensions
A small library that adds generic repository features to Dapper, and additionally predicates and a logging system.
Dapper - a simple object mapper for .Net DapperExtensions for ASP NET Core 2.0
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Core Implementation for Dapper.Extensions.Linq
T4 template generates database models from a database for use with Dapper.SimpleCRUD. Uses core .Net attributes so the generator could be used for other ORMs.
An idiomatic bulk insert interface for databases. Allows you to bulk insert arbitrary types to an underlying database using a fast insert mechanism specific for that database. Currently supports SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite. Works on the IDbConnection with extension methods, like Dapper.
A couple helper classes to make using TVP parameters with Dapper easier.
An extension library for dapper.
Automatically creation and loading Postgresql database test data
AdoManager is a .NET project for managing SQL Connection Strings and Ado.NET executions. Read connection strings from setting file as normal or encrypted mode, automatically. Share connections in environs of all projects as static. You can use Dapper ORM in DataAccessObject. ...
The package Provides a solution for the UnitOfWork patterns together with inversition of control. It is the core abstractions, interfaces and core classes that can be used for any ORM. On the project site there are examples of Autofact, Castle.Windsor, Ninject, Simpleinjector, StructureMap, a...
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Dapper ORM extension that maps string[] and object properties to JSON columns in Database.