Top 20 NuGet paypal Packages is a sync/async .NET 4.6.1+ client, and a portable class library for the Stripe API. (Official Library)
Braintree Client Library
The PayPal Merchant SDK provides the following: SetExpressCheckout API Operation (NVP/SOAP): The SetExpressCheckout API operation initiates an Express Checkout transaction. DoDirectPayment API Operation (NVP/SOAP): The DoDirectPayment API Operation enables you to process a credit card payment. MassP...
ASP.NET Core security middleware enabling Paypal authentication.
Xamarin iOS Binding Library - Braintree PayPalDataCollector
Xamarin iOS Binding Library - Braintree PayPalOneTouch
Xamarin iOS Binding Library - Braintree BraintreePayPal
Package Description
Xamarin iOS Binding Library - BrainTree PayPalRisk
Xamarin iOS Binding Library - Braintree PayPalUtils
The official Globally Paid .NET library Supporting .NET Standard 2.0
Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to PayPal APIs.
A simple PayPal.Net WebAPI wrapper for C# clients or webapps
Enables the use of Braintree server-side elements in the DirectScale Client Extension
PayPal PlugIn for Xamarin.Forms.
The PayPal Adaptive Payments SDK provides the following methods: Payments: Pay: Transfers funds from a sender's PayPal account to one or more receivers' PayPal accounts (up to 6 receivers) PaymentDetails: Obtains information about a payment created with the Pay API operation ExecutePayment: Executes...
ATTENTION: This package is being replaced by the PayPal SDK package ( It is recommended that new integrations use the newer package. For those considering to upgrade to the newer package from a version of this package, please refer to the PayPal .NET SDK's wik...
The PayPal Adaptive Accounts SDK provides the following methods: CreateAccount: Creates PayPal accounts. AddBankAccount: Link bank accounts to PayPal accounts as funding sources. AddPaymentCard: Link payment cards to PayPal accounts as funding sources SetFundingSourceConfirmed: Set the funding s...
The PayPal Permissions SDK provides the following: GetPermissions API Operation: Use the GetPermissons API operation to obtain the permissions associated with an access token. RequestPermissions API Operation: Use the RequestPermissions API operation to request permissions to execute API operations ...
PayPal Binding Lib for Xamarin.Android