Top 20 NuGet notifications Packages

Receive and handle firebase push notifications across Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android
Bucket Notifications API for AWS S3 (Stability: Stable)
The main goal is accelerating the creation of MVVM based applications
PubNub is a Massively Scalable Web Push Service for Web and Mobile Games. This is a cloud-based service for broadcasting messages to thousands of web and mobile clients simultaneously
SqlTableDependency is a high-level implementation to access table record change notifications from SQL Server. This class allows you to detect changes on a database table. Every change will send a notification messages contains values for the updated, inserted or deleted record, avoid you to execute...
Display toast notifications on Xamarin and Windows Platforms. Ensure you call ToastNotification.Init(); and register the dependency in each project. DependencyService.Register<ToastNotification>(); Read the full documentation on the projects page.
An extension for Autofac-IoC to use MediatR and CQRS with ease.
The notification components, ‘Toast’ and ‘Badge’ are used to notify status or summary information to the end-users. List of components: • Toast • Badge Toast: The toast is a notification component that shows single or multiple informative messages with actions. Key Features: • Position: -Enable...
A server-side library for sending Push Notifications to iOS/OSX (APNS), Android/Chrome (GCM), Windows Phone/Windows (WNS), Amazon (ADM), Blackberry and Firefox OS
Simple, unambitious mediator implementation in .NET
MediatR extensions for ASP.NET Core
Receive and handle push notifications across Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, UWP
Use this for Microsoft Azure Notification Hubs back end operations. It adds Microsoft.Azure.NotificationHubs.dll to your project. Notification Hubs support sending push notifications to Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Amazon, and Baidu. For more information on Notification Hub, p...
Lib.Net.Http.WebPush is a library which provides a Web Push Protocol based client for Push Service.
CodeMash tools for .NET developers. Access tools from .NET Core
Notification Popup Window
Notification Service for Orchard Core
Generate tile, toast, and badge notifications for Windows 10 via code, with the help of IntelliSense. Adds Support for adaptive tiles and adaptive/interactive toasts for Windows 10. It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit. Supports C# and C++ UWP project types. Also works with ...
Provides reconnection extensions for SqlTableDependency and reactive data streaming of CUD operations from MS SQL Server.
This project will help you take notification window like in windows