Top 20 NuGet notifications Packages

A server-side library for sending Push Notifications to iOS/OSX (APNS), Android/Chrome (GCM), Windows Phone/Windows (WNS), Amazon (ADM), Blackberry and Firefox OS
Toast notifications for WPF
Ivvy.Subscriptions makes it easy to consume subscription notification messages from the iVvy platform.
An abstraction to send notifications
Lightweight client for Genesys Notifications websocket API
Improved mediator implementation in .NET
HTML5 Notifications API implementation for Microsoft Blazor
This is a fork of ToastNotifications.Messages built for .NET 5.
Tiny/Simple .net Diagnostics Tracing
Xamarin plugin for Plot Projects. This library provides access to our geofence notification service.
This project is a cross platform library for Xamarin, which enables a handy use of AzurePushNotifications in your applications.
PubNub is a Massively Scalable Web Push Service for Web and Mobile Games. This is a cloud-based service for broadcasting messages to thousands of web and mobile clients simultaneously
Apprise.NET is a .NET Wrapper for calling Apprise API.
Appear2mee SDK for iOS
This is a fork of ToastNotifications built for .NET 5.
PubNub allows you to securely connect mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other clients outside of your cloud. PubNub provides the connectivity from your cloud to push data to end clients (phones, tablets, laptops and servers). This is called Real-time Data Push, or Push Notifications. Pub...
Integrate with Azure DevOps Server 2022 and Azure DevOps Services from desktop-based, ASP.NET, and other Windows applications. Provides access to the Notifications Service via public REST APIs.
Catapush is a simple, reliable and scalable delivery API for transactional push notifications for applications. Ideal for sending data-driven transactional notifications including targeted e-commerce
Angular Notifications (angular-notifications) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Simple Notifications Provider for SparkPost email delivery service