Top 20 NuGet notifications Packages

Toasts.Forms.Plugin assemblies from net45 folder
PubNub allows you to securely connect mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other clients outside of your cloud. PubNub provides the connectivity from your cloud to push data to end clients (phones, tablets, laptops and servers). This is called Real-time Data Push, or Push Notifications. Pu...
A simple .NET Core library for handling Alexa skill Notification API
C# Implementation of the new HTTP v1 API protocol of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
Models used by the PushServer framework for ASP.NET Core 2. Commonly used types: PushOptions
Models for representing Amazon SNS Notification for Amazon SES
Twitch.MediatR.AspNetcore is a wrapper for TwitchLib to make Twitch events available as MediatR notifications in ASP.NET Core.
Twitch.MediatR is a wrapper for TwitchLib to make Twitch events available as MediatR notifications.
This project is used for packaging the WinMD to work for WinJS projects. Generate tile, toast, and badge notifications for Windows 10 via code, with the help of IntelliSense, instead of directly using XML. Supports adaptive tiles and adaptive/interactive toasts for Windows 10. It...
Unofficial Pusher Beams .NET Server SDK
Use this with Windows Azure Service Bus and Notification Hubs client registration (for Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 apps). It adds Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Messaging.Managed.dll to your project. This package is for developing Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 applications with C# (managed)
Listening to Exchange Streaming Notifications in a simple way.
log4net appender to push notifications to Growl (or Growl for Windows)
AlertScale is a cloud logging and notifications tool, with a web based notifications console. Receive notifications similar to toastr or growl in real-time at (Registration is required to obtain an API key ). You can also setup e-mail or SMS alerts to warn when your application ...
Bootstrap Notifications is a controller extension built with bootstrap for ASP.NET MVC projects. It enables you to easily notify your users per request from the controller.
An extensible notification subsystem for .Net
An SMTP Server based implementation of the TW.NotificationSubsystem.Core's emailing dependencies
A Twitter API based implementation of the TW.NotificationSubsystem.Core's tweeting dependencies