Top 20 NuGet notifications Packages

A Twilio based implementation of the TW.NotificationSubsystem's texting dependencies
Unofficial .NET Client Library for PushBots
A simple and configurable, in-memory message bus for message based event driven applications.
Xamarin plugin for cross-platform notifications.
Chrome/Mozilla push notifications payload encryption for .NET
The complete solution of the Accengage sdk iOS and Android binded for xamarin
Firebase.NET implements Firebase Cloud Messaging HTTP Protocol that enables sending notifications to Android, iOS and Web through Firebase Cloud Messaging.
The Notifications API implemented in Blazor and C#
Show notifications when multiple content editors are editing the same node in Umbraco
PushSharp, but with Firebase, not GSM
.NET Standard Wrapper for the Pushover API.
Toastr notifications in Blazor/C#
Provides EntityFrameworkCore implementation of the DevAccelerateNotifications library.
Provides interfaces and base functionality for creating and managing notification templates and notifications.
Beta release, subject to change. Use the equivalent of Web Push in your UWP apps, meaning you don't have to register your app with the Store or WNS to send push notifications!
The entry point for using the notifications service using hangfire and depending on core XKernel notifications libraries
This package is an implementation of EmailHandler using Hangfire. For more information, find package XKernel.Notifications.Core
Toast notifications for Blazor Framework, simple to use.
Notification Hubs Output Binding Extension, that supports Azure Functions v3. Allows to send multiple notifications to different platforms, that are supported by Azure NotificaionHubs service.