Top 20 NuGet netcore Packages

Simple Http Listener This is the legacy version of Simple HTTP Listener. Please see project web site for a new version.
An NLog layout renderer be used to access appsettings.json. Supported platforms: - .NET Standard 1.6 - .NET Standard 2.0
A port of Mono's System.Drawing for .NET Core 2.0 and above. Includes types such as System.Drawing.Bitmap and System.Drawing.Image, allowing you to interact with images from .NET Core.
InMemoryOutputCacheProvider for AspNetCore.CacheOutput package
A .NET Standard and .NET Core Salesforce Linq query writer
Basic c# extension method for netcore.
Fast C# CSV parser (stream reader, writer) for .NET Core.
Kendo.DynamicLinqCore implements server paging, filtering, sorting and aggregating to Kendo UI via Dynamic Linq for .Net Core App(1.x ~ 2.x).
This is a C# implementation for .NET Core of UK Bank Account Modulus Checking. Modulus Checking is a process used to determine if a given account number could be valid for a given sort code.
PivotData OLAP library: in-memory multidimensional dataset for data aggregation and pivot table calculations.
A simple and light Websocket client. Xamarin cross-platform. Can be set to ignore SSL/TLS server certificate issues. Observe incoming message using Reactive Extensions (Rx)
A 100% managed code library to generate Excel .xlsx Workbooks. Can be safely used on a server, no COM Interop or other unsafe/unsupported operations.
.NET bindings for libimobiledevice, allows you to interact with devices running iOS, such as iPhones or iPads, using C# or VB.NET code
NLog extension for Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting for usage in .NET Standard libraries and net core applications making use of the generic Host class introduced in netcore 2.1
A lightweight chakracore wrapper to support scripting in dotnetcore application. this package contains all features in one package.
ASP.NET Core DataProtection repository for use with AWS S3
StackExchangeRedisOutputCacheProvider for AspNetCore.CacheOutput package
A small library containing frequently reused classes, infrustructure and data services to help build reliable demo applications faster.
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Simple File Logger