Top 20 NuGet netcore Packages

Extensions to directly add azure keyvault as configuration to an aspnetcore web application
Postgres embedded server equivalent for .Net applications
Wapps.Forms - Extension for Xamarin.Forms.
TMapViews aims to create a more convenients implimentation of maps on IOS and Android in Xamarin. Boilerplate code has been rolled into a more userfirendly set-up structure, allowing for easier set-up and life-cycle managment of maps.
IHostBuilder extensions `host.RunAsServiceAsync` for .NET Core 2.0+ apps
Plato.Serializers .NET Core library
Plato.Configuration .NET Core library
Plato.Async .NET Core library
Plato .NET Core
A .NET Standard and .NET Core Salesforce REST API toolkit and API wrapper
A .NETStandard port of Iconic.Zlib from DotNetZip project.
Asterisk Management Interface (AMI) client library for .NET
base lib for suites.core
base lib for suites.core
This package provides extensions to FluentAssertions for the Functional.Primitives package.
Cross-platform ANSI-based multicolor terminal library
A basic set of abstractions that allow to add webhooks to the ASP.NET Core project inside the RIE system.
Unofficial API
Library contains set of actions and assertions used to create System tests and Component tests for microservices.