Top 20 NuGet nlog Packages

Fork from The library targets .net standart 2.0 with up to date reference to latest nlog (4.5)
Autofac Module that integrating Autofac and NLog, it supports both constructor and property injection. Now for core 2.0
This NLog target will send logs, in bulks, to the bulk HTTP service. Configurations are available, see the github readme for details.
NLog logging support for LinqPad
AutoFact.Extras.NLog is porting to .NET Core
Adaptation of parts of Microsoft.Extensions for the obsolete .NET framework 2.0. The original namespaces and API are preserved as much as possible. Main adaptations: - Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection (ServiceCollection) - Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration (ini, json and memory) - Microsof...
Library with classe for NLog integration in ASP.NET Core application
Provides an input implementation for capturing diagnostics data sourced through NLog library.
NLog Logger Provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. See
XML file to configure NLog to use a Cassandra database as a target.
A configurable NLog target using a Cassandra database.
NLog Target for GrayLog2, DISCLAIMER: until v1 is release then we can't promise to follow SemVer therefore we might introduce breaking changes in a patch or minor release.
An NLog target for Telegram
Common loggers
NLog implementation for LogFramework's ILogger and ILoggerFactory abstractions.
NLog implementation of the Joubert.Logging.Interfaces.ILogService
NLog target for QDeb application.
A NLog target which will send log messages to the LogDNA Provider.
A .NET library logging framework that ties into your project and provides integration with Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions - serves as a replacement to LibLog.