Top 20 NuGet nlog Packages

NLog target for REST service.
An NLog plugin for the HoneyBear.Spy logging library.
This NLog adpater allows you to log your messages to database table with minimal configuration. See this link for instructions on how to use this
Implements the logging interfaces of Affecto.Logging package using NLog.
Auto-logs in binfolder/logs or wwwroot/logs. Intended use is DEV not PROD. See readme how to use.
Splunk Target for NLog
A simple extension to Unity that enables NLog Logger dependencies to be injected into consuming classes, with the ILogger instance being configured as the correct logger for the consuming class.
HipChat target for NLog.
An NLog target that posts JSON to an HTTP endpoint, using Json.NET. You can also set a POST URL programatically instead of in App.config.
This is a Nlog target to a Seeker server
Signed NLog adapter for Tracer.Fody (which is an ILWeaver adding trace enter and leave log entries to methods). This adapter offers trace and static logging calls and changes them to calls to NLog.
IdentityModel related layout renderers for NLog
Extensions for the Proxii library to easily hook into NLog
Libary with different tools for WPF. Eg. a Log Viewer for NLog Logfiles, a highlight textblock and many more
Common.Logging library bindings for NLog 4.4.3 logging framework.
NLog layout renderers specific for Microsoft Azure Cloud Service
NLog target for
A M.Logging abstraction implementation utilizing NLog for logging.
NLog logging adapter for EtlLib: A simple ETL framework for .NET.
Splunk Target for NLog for writing to /receivers/simple.