Top 20 NuGet ilweaving Packages

A Fody add-in to inject the MVC Display Attribute.
A Fody add-in to inject the MVC Required Attribute.
Replace string tokens with environment variables during build
Signed NLog adapter for Tracer.Fody (which is an ILWeaver adding trace enter and leave log entries to methods). This adapter offers trace and static logging calls and changes them to calls to NLog.
A fody plugin that allows the usage of async methods returning Task in old-style .asmx web services.
A sample Fody add-in.
Injects code do to easily use throttles. Simply add the Throttled attribute to a method to wire up everything.
CrmLogger.Fody is a Fody add-in that injects logging for function entry, exit, parameters, and return value for Dynamics CRM Logger solution.
Exposes members (properties, indexers, methods and events) and optionally implements interface of a field declared in class.
Track running state of methods with a boolean property
Adds ILogger.IsEnabled check around the Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.ILogger log statement.
Controls whether the local variables in methods are zero-initialized.
Controls whether the local variables in methods are zero-initialized.
Control the value of the localsinit flag on methods.
Allows you to make all or almost all of your methods virtual.
Automatically generates Equals and GetHashCode for annotated classes.
An example PostSharp add-in that adds Console.WriteLine("Hello World!") to every method annotated with [HelloWorld].
Throws an exception if your unsafe code attempts to write to memory you don't control
Embeds dependencies as resources so that you have a standalone executable
Auto INotifyPropertyChanged with Fody and other implementation options.