Top 20 NuGet ilweaving Packages

A lightweight toolkit that helps easily writing .NET assembly weavers.
Allows the use of a [Cache] attribute to cache results of method calls of entire classes or only certain methods.
Allows .NET standard builds to use and consume assembiles compiled with C# 9 records.
Inject arbitrary IL code at compile time.
A add setter Fody plugin.
Adds basic timing to methods.
Injects an empty constructor into classes.
Simplifies logging through a static helper class and some IL manipulation.
Abandoned: Converts public fields to properties.
Fody add-in for changing all members to virtual.
An extension for Fody to integrate error handling into async and TPL code.
Generate ToString method from public properties.
Fody add-in that provides custom interception. Supports Net45, NetStandard2.0 and UWP. Method, Property, Constructor and Field interceptors can be found in the package Cauldron.BasicInterceptors (
Add property notification to all classes that implement INotifyPropertyChanging.
Converts all JetBrains ReSharper code annotations attributes to External Annotations, so you can provide R# annotations to 3rd parties but don't need to deploy JetBrainsAnnotations.dll.
Stamps an assembly with git information.
Injects deep copy constructors and methods for properties.
Transforms auto properties into xamarin bindable properties.
Fody add-in for converting non-public members to public hidden members.
Fody add-in for validation in XAML bindings.