Top 20 NuGet ilweaving Packages

Package Description
Fody add-in that helps tracking down undisposed objects
A Fody add-in that implements the double check locking pattern automatically.
NLog adapter for Tracer.Fody (which is an ILWeaver adding trace enter and leave log entries to methods). This adapter offers trace and static logging calls and changes them to calls to NLog.
Generate the Equals, GetHashCode and operators methods from properties or fields decorated with the [Equals] Attribute.
Changes regular event handlers into weak event handlers by weaving a weak event adapter between source and subscriber.
Stamps an assembly with svn information.
A Fody plugin that allows you to annotate a method with the [SwallowExceptions] attribute to have the method contents wrapped in a try / catch block.
Array Slice allows to build memory shared arrays with the same syntax as an array and still retain the performance of using raw arrays. We modify the IL to make sure you can squeeze all the performance that it is available to you.
Simplifies logging through a static helper class and some IL manipulation.
Fody add-in for creating dependency or attached properties from auto properties.
Fody add-in to decorate public members with ExcludeFromCodeCoverage attribute based on definition (esp. for generated classes e.g. by xsd.exe or other tools where it is not possible to influence the output)
Allows inlining methods
Unity extension for using StaticProxy.Fody with unity. This enables proxying on platforms which don't support Dynamic Proxy (like Windows RT, Apple IPhone,...)
Fody add-in that helps with importing/exporting MEF interfaces.
Injects method cache code.
A Fody/Mono.Cecil wrapper that provides most basic IL code weaving helpers.
Automated non-public member introspection using Fody & Linq Expressions
Immerse a library inside another library.
An assembly weaver, based on Fody, that automatically transforms get/set properties into Xamarin bindable properties.