Top 20 NuGet form Packages

Add code to load and save application window settings like size
Add code to display processing state.
Initialize a form of use offline (save to local storage)
Tiny javascript library written to send in-browser http requests either GET, POST or using any other HTTP supported method. It can help in scenarios like auto-login & others. What it actually does (by default) is opens up a new tab (in most cases) for the provided URL with the data parameters as if...
An healthy alternative to the ASP.NET and Mono validation controls.
Add XAML file to manage menus into English and French
An easy-to-use error form that can be included in your projects.
An easy-to-use error form that can be included in your projects. This version is for Windows Presentation Foundation.
Add a class Punctuation with all characters
Add a public static class Punctuation with all characters for code clarity for localization strings
ajaxForm jQuery extension. Call ajaxForm on a form element to override the default form post action with a very customizable set of actions that includes validation.
Add an XML file for all translated strings in an application, usually similar from app to app
RoundCornered ProgressBar using PictureBox
RoundCornered ProgressBar using PictureBox
Custom Windows Forms Controls to make UI have a good looking
Win From Skin
Simple and easy HTTP Multipart multipart/form-data parser compatible with .NET 4.0
Selectize.js Legacy Theme