Top 20 NuGet form Packages

Selectize.js Default Theme
Selectize.js Bootstrap 3 Theme
Selectize.js Bootstrap 2 Theme
Selectize is a jQuery-based custom <select> UI control. Useful for tagging, contact lists, country selectors, etc.
Aspose for Cloud is a cloud-based document generation, conversion and automation platform for developers. Aspose for Cloud’s REST APIs gives developers on all platforms total control over documents and file formats. It interoperates seamlessly with other cloud services.
Dynamically generated forms and dialogs in WPF
Dynamically generated forms and dialogs in WPF
Flex Layout for xamarin forms
A nuget package containing: Emailer, Common Document Generator, An Http Form and File Uploader, Java Script (Angular/JQuery), String Validator (Phone, Email, International Phone, Number, ect.) in Constant Time, XSS and Xml String Manipulator, and a Symmetric Key Base 64 Encryptor and Decryptor.
Window Demo code to move Windows Standard Form from anywhere or from any control. Just Use ControlsToMove.Add('Name of Your Control') to use this after you inherit your class from MoveForm.cs
A multi-language library to write a currency value in full form
Dont waste your time for managing desktop application forms. Easy to use!
RequestManager is a .NET Core library that provides helper methods to easily send requests in different formats and deserialize the response into objects.
LoginForm using Active Directory
Data Provider
Winform. C#
TODO, still in dev.
Strikeout is a data validation engine that aims to make validating data very easy, even while allowing for complex scenarios.
A small .Net winForm input controls (TextBox, ComboBox, MaskedTextBox, DataGridView) library that check empty and null values.
Dynamic form builder