Top 20 NuGet form Packages

Ratifier is a form validation library for Android.
Form component that allows you to select or paste a color using pickr.
A collection of controls for Windows Forms development that are strongly typed.
Windows form uygulamalarının hizalanmasında yardımcı görevi gören bir paket.
Extensions for FormValidator, for creating Red middleware
Simple, flexible, interactive and powerful data visualization for WinForms (forked from master branch to add Support to netcoreapp3.1)
Replace CRM Forms and View Attributes
Provides the ability to send email from within Umbraco based on a POCO model and Content Email Templates. This package extends UmbracoHelper providing a SendFormData extension method to send emails using specified Content nodes as templates.
Add a rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome into an ASP.NET Web Form Project
This package add a function that convert application/json data in application/x-www-form-urlencoded
An ASP.NET Control similar to GridView but it auto builds a Web From in run-time by binding a Model.
A library to assist with complex and interactive form validation.
See project site for more details
OmniPage Cloud Service (OCS) is a SaaS solution that provides document processing services. The goals of OCS are to • enable no-setup usage of Nuance’s Capture SDK. • provide a ready-to-use, solid and scaling document conversion platform for ISVs. • enable the development of OCR-intensive applica...
An accurate and fast waveform renderer (WPF version). See the README at GitHub repository.
A simple Model View Presenter framework for the WinForms platform. Based on the excellent Web Forms MVP, WinForms MVP is a simple Model View Presenter framework for the Winforms platform. To get started, my CodeProject article on this framework sets out the basics.
The ValidShapes package will allow you to initialize and validate the ValidShapes CAPTCHA with some helpers. See for more details.
Reduce boilerplate code when handling MVC form posts.
Allows users to create an account and login to your web site using the form POST method. Has all supporting functions including verify email, change password, forgot password, change email, revert email change etc.