Top 20 NuGet form Packages

Dynamic forms engine for MVC which supports bootstrap.
Submit forms with SPA. Module "notifier" is to be defined to display errors and warnings
Disable Return key (#13) for SPA.
Build validators for forms (IFormCollection) and queries (IQueryCollection) using a simple fluent interface
An out of the box integration for fluent validation framework and INotifyDataErrorInfo interface. just decorate your target class with [NotifyDataErrorInfo(typeof(<FluentValidatorType>))] . Recommended to use with Syncfusion Data Form.
Integration library for usingcloudscribe SimpleContactForm with cloudscribe.Core
Manage Dynamics CRM / CE form scripts using C#
Custom Label which has command property
Konsole native Windows driver. (works with .NET Standard or .NET Framework projects only on windows)
Konsole native Windows driver. (works with .NET Standard or .NET Framework projects only on windows)
Displays a form that allows visitors to register on the website as new users.
Website form auto filler, after some time, all passed field are filled and form is submitted. .Net Framework Version
This lib uses the builder pattern to build a JSON response for a formly JsonPowered form. See for more info
This library allows you to link together Blazor form fields to fire validations on multiple fields without requiring a full form validation.
GradientPages for Xamarin.Forms projects that add the gradient background.
This component allows the Enterprise Library Validation Application Block to integrate with WinForms.
My package description.
There is a situation where I display a screen dynamically load a partial view using ajax. And when the authentication expires, user initiates an ajax call, then the action is being called without authorization. It actually returns a login view inside the DOM object on the page rather than returns ...
Beems Matrix Provide all basic functionality for Board Games and Apps.
Add code to load application version to title bar