Top 20 NuGet form Packages

Library to help save and restore window states.
Complete, cross-platform, managed wrapper around the GLFW library for creating native windows with an OpenGL context.
Smart.FormDesigner 是一个基于.NET 开发的Winform自定义表单设计组件。
These are form editor controls to use in all programming activities
These are form controls for all programming activities
Windows Operation Library
Lightweight and full-featured data Grid control. The Grid Control for NET offers a very fast data grid for your Visual Studio projects. Includes NET Core support and improved javascript visualisation via jsGrid. Demo code:
Data Provider hỗ trợ Sql server
Beautiful Chat components for C# Windows forms including Chat User, Chat Header, Chat Bubbles, TypingBox, SearchBox and BeautyForm
Enable to Pass execution context in Event Handlers attached to Form/Control events.
This client library provides access to the Microsoft Cognitive Services Form Recognizer APIs.
Sliding Labels is a great plugin for jQuery that allow yours (tag) labels sliding over fields. This plugin was write by Tim Wright of
Dupload makes it easy to do direct object downloads and form-based uploads to Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage.
Convenient way to collect structured form data into JavaScript object.
An accurate and fast waveform renderer (base library). See the README at GitHub repository.
Monads (Maybe, Either, State, Reader, Writer) and monad combinators (Sequence, Sequence_, ReplicateM, ReplicateM_, MapM, MapM_, FoldM, FoldM_, ZipWithM, ZipWithM_, ForM, FilterM, LiftM, LiftM2, LiftM3, LiftM4, LiftM5, Join, When, Unless, Forever, Void, Ap, Compose, Guard, MFilter, MSum) in C#
Some Javascript automation for everyday developing. Demo at GitHub (see Project Site link).
MonoGame form framework
Nequeo forms component