Top 20 NuGet enum Packages

Helper for easy and elegant type conversions, taking care of: nullables, enums, System.DBNull and other types inherit from System.IConvertible. The method try convert to specified type, if the conversion fail, there is an option to define a fallback value to be returned as result. Example: int conv...
Structure comparison (primitive and complex type, enums)
ImprovedEnum adds functionality to .net Enum as ToList and recovery data from annotation attributes
C#'s System.Enum class can be incredibly performant and still let you maintain readable code. Unfortunatly, performing operations like listing all enum values, converting enum's back to their string names, and parsing strings to enum values are incredibly non-performant. In low-latency/high-perform...
Provides generic enum functions such as bitwise operations, fast HasFlag, and others.
Generate enum helper class and extension method to avoid enum's boxing/unboxing
This provides a converter library that converts configuration value to enum or list. It is a consolidated version of: - - If you want to find an individual lib...
Provides type safe versions of Enum's static methods in , and some type-safe delegates for enums. In TypeSafeEnums.TypeSafeEnum
Binding to enum collections
A set of tools for development.
Core Extensions library
Analyzer that suppresses the CS0702 error, thus allowing any constraint to be used (including 'Delegate' and 'Enum').
Package Description
Extensions pack for Variel Creatives
extension methods for enum
Common extensions by DioLive Studio
Port of Java's EnumSet
A set of extension methods for strings, enums, Dates, Dictionaries and an Update method for LINQ.
Any basis components, i.e. SetFlags for Enum, Interface IEntity, etc.