Top 20 NuGet enum Packages

Convenience methods for enums.
ADN.Helpers is a cross-platform open-source library which provides helpers and utilities to .NET developers
A .NET Standard library that provides extendable class based enums.
Extra type constraints for Enum and Delegate.
Enhanced VS2012 Javascript intellisense for variables, properties, methods even prototype's methods!
Provides enum-related convenience/helper methods.
A .Net standard library which provides logging, mailing, convertion and base repository classes.
A .NET Standard library that provides compatibility support for using ExtendableEnums with Simple.OData.Client.
A .NET Standard library that allows registration of ExtendableEnums with Microsoft's OData in core, so that only the Value propery is output for OData requests.
Métodos y utilidades base del framework
Neo Systems .NET libraries
Utilitary library of honjo-net framework. Contains several utilitaries and helpers, namely streams and pseudo enums.
Helpful static methods (or extension methods) for enums and delegates, with constraints which can't be expressed in regular C#.
ASP.NET Core MVC Extensions Library provides addtional tag helpers and utility for simplify ASP.NET Core web application development.
An incredibly lightweight and type safe MVVM library for .NET WPF, Silverlight, Xamarin and UWP
Provides the analyzers necessary to ensure that Enumeration derivations with [FlagsEnumeration] decoration are declared partial.
A simple to use lib to parse a string to a enum value. Given a set of strings you can parse them to a flagable enum. Given a string that is different to the enum value you can parse it too by using an attribute.
Documentation is included as part of the package. Source and current issues at Raise a bug at github or email
Multiple Platforms: GetElementRect, GetVisualChild, GetVisualAncestor, Enum extensions, RelayCommand, PropertyChangedBase Windows 8: Flyout, SettingsContractWrapper, LabeledProgressBar, KeyboardKiller Windows Phone: ReverseAutocompletePopup, StatusBarExtensions, CustomMessageBox .NET4.5: CustomMe...
Wrapper for more conviently accessing the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DisplayAttribute and Enum Properties