Top 20 NuGet entity Packages

Package Description
View Manipulation Layer for Sipenix Framework based Entities
ORM Layer for Sipenix Framework based Entities
ORM/DAL Layer for Sipenix Framework based Entities
Simple Repository to be used with Entity Framework Core ... Initial Release 1396/11/22
Package Description
Easy-to-use utilities for general use.
Generic Entity Framework repository
An alternative query compiler for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer that supports complex queries and operators and FOR JSON.
Chic is a layer on top of Dapper to provide Repository layers, Provisioning and Change Tracking
Simple and powerful SQL builder
Contains a bunch of interfaces, abstract classes, etc... to easily deal with domain driven architectures
A library that contains several base entities and interfaces that is used by eef-api-instructions package
Clases genéricas para implementar paginación con filtrado y ordenamiento dinámicamente del lado del servidor. PWFO: Pagination With Filtering and Ordering.