Top 20 NuGet entity Packages

EF6 Scaffold for PostgreSQL. Read more (
EF Core - Async Generic Repository
Bulk insert for a single class and TPT type inheritance using entity framework. No limitation on the number of records that can be passed. Now supporting string, number, guids, date, datetime, datetimeoffset and boolean types. Instead of passing the dbcontext everytime, just set it once while dec...
Wonderful ORM solution for customized data access which supports SqlServer and .Net Core 2.0 framework. It includes features like automaticdata binding, automatic parameter binding, distributed caching, etc. Source Code: API implementation availabl...
An extension class for DbContext providing bulk insert functionality.
DDD Library
Server API for responding to OData queries and consuming/producing OData payloads based on entity framework version 6.0 or higher Supports OData v3. Targets .NET 4.0.
This package enables LazyLoading for EntityFramework Core
API for CRUD operations on domain model objects.
The module that implements Deveel Repository pattern for abstracting the Entity Framework functionalities
This is a repository pattern abstractions.
SQLite database provider for Entity Framework Core.
Simple library with EF helpers.
Extensions for Entity Framework Code First
A lightweight library for generating a data context and repository on the fly.
Entity Key Finder
Provides a SqlRepo for Entity Framework targeting SQL Server 2016+. The SqlRepo class includes various CRUD methods, including methods that take a LINQ expression for filtering records. SqlRepo supports auto-rollback transactions and sequence resetting for testing scenarios.