Top 20 NuGet entity Packages

Package Description
Wrapper for entity framework.
Xoredge database abstractions and interfaces
Database utilities for Entity Framework - Proper enum handling (mapping to lookup tables with cache) - List merging - Property mapping - Save validation (to get the underlaying error messages) - Audit functionality - Various helpers
Tool for extract Entity and Dto's from database tables.
Entity Framework Core configuration provider.
实体接口 实体基类 审计接口 审计基类
Contains the EntityStoreBase for easier implementation of entity stores. This is a part of the FBase system that makes development easier. This is a dependency for .net Framework libraries and applications.
Библиотека расширений для Entity Framework Core
For Fast EntityFramework Code-First Startup Performance
Interactive Pregenerated Views for Entity Framework.
Interactive Pregenerated Views for Entity Framework.
A package, which includes helpful auxiliary methods.
Unit of Work pattern abstractions