Top 20 NuGet bitcoin Packages

The C# Bitcoin Library
Networks, chain parameters and extended RPC calls instances for the Dynamic blockchain.
This package contains platform-specific native code builds of Orson Peters' SUPERCOP Ed25519 implementation.
This package contains platform-specific native builds of Tor.
.net port for ta4j; providing technical analysis
The C# Bitcoin Library
Bitcoin Explorer .Net wrapper based on
Official Bitcoin RPC .Net Wrapper
Bitmex API REST Client
Support BSV fork in the NBitcoin
DigitexFutures connector.
A fully featured C# library for making and receiving payments using the Bitcoin network.
This is a .NET client for Monitex's Bitcoin Payments API.
A portable API library for the BIP39 spec.
A .NET implementation for the Poloniex API for exchanging cryptocurrency.
A .NET implementation for the Bittrex API for exchanging cryptocurrency.
Blockchain and cryptocurrency web api client libraries for .NET
Api library for accessing the Binance exchange Api built on .Net Standard
The C# Bitcoin Library API Client for dotnet