Top 20 NuGet bitcoin Packages

C# SDK for the Blockstream Satellite API
Client for SimpleFx
.NET wrapper for Bitso, Mexico's #1 bitcoin exchange
Any time a customer is paying you in Bitcoin, they will be paying a GoCoin invoice. Each invoice is assigned a single, never used payment address for the cryptocurrency the customer has chosen to pay with. Invoices that have not been paid are said to be in an 'unpaid' state. An invoice can remain u...
.NET Client API for the mexican cryptocurrency exchange Bitso.
A simple C# wrapper for the Bittrex cryptocurrency trading platform.
A .NET implementation of Bech32 (BIP 173), written in F#
A .NET implementation for the Poloniex API for exchanging cryptocurrency. This is a forked implementation from
A .NET implementation for the CoinMarketCap API for cryptocurrencies.
Fork from an excellent library by @jjxtra called DigitalRuby.ExchangeSharp. Fork adds .NET Core compatibility but removes the trading features due to the System.Forms dependency that cannot be overcome in .NET Core ExchangeSharp is a C# API for working with various exchanges for stocks and cryptocu...
.NET SDK for Full APIs of Coinbase including Wallet, Merchant and Data Endpoints.
CoinDesk Bitcoin Price API .NET Client.
A .Net Standard client for the QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency API.
A very simple library for consuming in c#
A .Net Standard client for the Coinsquare cryptocurrency API.
The Stampery API allows you to prove the existence, integrity and ownership of all your data by anchoring (embedding) unique identifiers (hashes) of your files and datasets into the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.The timestamps and proofs generated by this API are independently verifiable at no co...
A cryptocurrency trading library with support for more than 100 bitcoin/altcoin exchanges. Uses original ccxt (python) code.
A .Net Standard client for the NDAX cryptocurrency API.
A .Net Standard client for the CoinField cryptocurrency API.
Api library for accessing the Api built on .Net Standard. Currently only offering MetaData and Map data endpoints