Top 20 NuGet bitcoin Packages

The BitcoinTrade exchange API client wrapper
The C# Bitcoin Library
The C# Bitcoin Library
C# Client Library for API
Quick start example of using the Bitnet C# SDK.
A .net API library for the Cryptomic exchange site. If you use this library in your project please feel free to give me a heads up so I can add it to the list of projects.
A portable API library to interact with
bitFlyer API informal wrapper library
GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway API on ASP.NET (C#). It supports Bitcoin [BTC], DASH, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. Integrate bitcoin payments on your Microsoft ASP.NET website! More info
C# Bithumb RESTFul API
C# Korbit RESTFul API
A Netstandard library for accessing the SocketCluster WebSocket API.
C# library for communicating with the KeepKey hardware wallet over USB API client
This is a 3rd party .NET library for the Poloniex REST API
C# Bithumb RESTFul API
C# Poloniex RESTFul API
C# Korbit RESTFul API
C# Coinone RESTFul API
Cryptography library of EcDsa Secp256k1 for UChainDB