Top 20 NuGet bitcoin Packages

Api library for accessing the KuCoin exchange Api v2.0 using .Net Standard
BitIndex API client library
StockSharp sample history data
.NET Bitcoin Framework
C# binding for Bitprim Bitcoin platform
C# binding for Bitprim Bitcoin platform
A wrapper library around the hwi bitcoin-core project
The SDK provides a default implementation of the Bitnet API client using RestSharp.
A C# wrapper around the API.
Server library for Stratis
The C# Bitcoin Library
This package contains platform-specific native code builds of secp256k1. Included: osx-x64/libsecp256k1.dylib, linux-x64/, win-x64/secp256k1.dll, win-x86/secp256k1.dll
Incubed client and provider for web3. Based on in3-c runtime.
A cross platform library for communicating with the KeepKey hardwarewallet Supports Android, UWP, .NET Core and .NET Framework with Hid.Net. Support for other platforms can be added with Hid.Net dependency injection
Non official .NET Bitpay API compatible client
Base58Check is a C# implementation of Base58 Checked Encoding
BitGo API Client Class Library
Generic JSON client for a cryptocurrency's RPC server
OdinSoft SDK for CoinExchange
Cash Address library for Bitcoin Cash address conversion