Top 20 NuGet bitcoin Packages

BW connector.
BTC-e connector.
BitZ connector.
Bittrex connector.
BitStamp connector.
Bitmex connector.
BitMax connector.
Bithumb connector.
Bitfinex connector.
Bitexbook connector.
Bitbank connector.
Bitalong connector.
Binance connector.
Bibox connector.
Non official .NET Bitpay API compatible client
The C# Bitcoin Library
Client library for LND to build Lightning Network Apps in C#.
Access wallets and transactions on the block chain as well as sending bitcoin between you wallets and other's. Provides extensive access to the block chain itself for research and analysis.
NxtLib Class Library
Accept and make payments from mobile money , cards , bitcoin and whatever is next Sell digital goods like airtime, data , tickets, bill payments and lots more