Top 20 NuGet autofac Packages

A factory creator using AutoFac. Never write a Factory again!
An extension for Autofac-IoC to use AutoMapper with ease.
Templates for Prism for Xamarin Forms. This includes an empty project template, a customizable quickstart template, module template, and item templates for Pages and Services.
Fluent Assertions extensions for Autofac
The package Provides a solution for the Repository and UnitOfWork patterns together with inversition of control. On the project site there are examples of Autofact, Castle.Windsor, Ninject, Simpleinjector, StructureMap, and Unity integration. The IoC framework is not an issue... It is ment to...
Lightweight messaging wrapper of MassTransit
Allows to inject properties of classes by using annotations.
dotnet core autofac mvc自动注入sql
DryIoc implementation with Autofac surface API
在.Net Framework平台上支持模块化开发WinForms程序,内部使用Autofac作为依赖注入容器并集成ReactiveUI响应式编程框架,并包含一些自定义控件。
Container service provided by Autofac.
Autofac IoC container registration for Lexicala.NET.
Provides Autofac support for a Rocket Surgery Application
Strongly-typed message-based Entity Actor AKKA.NET library.
Extension to XUnit that allows you to resolve test classes out of Autofac.
Autofac extensions for Nimbus.
A lot of popular frameworks is depended on Castle Dynamic Proxy Generator, but the last one is very slow. I suggest a replacement with compile time proxy and plumbing code generator.
An Implementation to use Serilog as a logging component for EasyNetQ
Extensions for configuring Autofac with attributes