Top 20 NuGet autofac Packages

Autofac implementation of the interfaces in Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions, the .NET Framework dependency injection abstraction. This package allows you to used in .NetStandard1.6, .NetStandard 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.6.1.
Provide configuration services for addons
A bootstrapper which loads Dapplo.Addons addons
Use these extensions to build Xamarin.Forms applications with Prism and Autofac.
The purpose of this library is to help developers with dependency injection per HTTP request context. This is currently not available via the default dependency injection infrastructure. A secondary goal is provide easy access to common infrastructure services such as security, logging, etc.
dotnet core autofac mvc自动注入mysql
Autofac integration package for Tapeti
Provides base classes for testing using the Autofac composition services. Typically used areas and classes/interfaces/services: - Composition: AutofacCompositionTestBase. Kephas Framework ("stone" in aramaic) aims to deliver a solid infrastructure for application...
Provides the composition services implementation using the Autofac DI framework. Typically used areas and classes/interfaces/services: - AmbientServicesAutofacExtensions.BuildWithAutofac(). Kephas Framework ("stone" in aramaic) aims to deliver a solid infrastruct...
提供添删改查和分页查询 A high performance Micro-ORM supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite, SqlCE, Firebird etc..
Adds DI support for values read from the environment for Autofac
Autofac integration for Modulos.
An easy Autofac extension for registering nodes in Banzai
Interceptor and dynamicProxy support for Autofac via AspectCore Framework.
Configures Autofac to resolve IRepository as the right configured implementation of SharpRepository