Top 20 NuGet auth Packages

Open ID Connect authentification service for Signal2GO
An ASP.NET Core authentication middleware: WeixinAuth for (微信公众号/微信网页授权登录)
HTTP Client (REST, Stream) with Bearer authorization
Advanced HttpClient infrastructure for mobile applications.
Auth(entication + orization)-centric helper methods, properties, objects etc.
Hawk Http Authentication for WCF REST
Simple Token and Users Authentication and Authorization Bootstrap for WebAPI applications. Provided with 'TokenAuthApiController' which has built-in support for Login and Logout (cookies-based) and automatic token parsing and authenticating (inside query strings, form data or cookies). Visit the Pro...
Token based auth for WebApi.
A simple owin middleware component to turn a querystring parameter into a request header. This is useful when using token authentication with signalR.
An owin middleware for JWT tokens and optional cookie parsing with an owin signin delegate.
Common components for building a web based platform.
Nequeo security Auth component
Contains the models for the Ekin.Auth Nuget package only