Top 20 NuGet auth Packages

[FX4.0] This module contains BasicAuthenticationHttpModule module that allow you using easily a custom basic http authentication for every IIS/ASP.NET hosted applications, like also WCF REST, WCF SOAP, OData Services & so on...
Basic Authentication implementation for fluent security. No tests in place as I just wanted to throw this up to get things working. See for examples of how to use.
Auth utilities are covered in this package.
Common components for building a web based platform.
Common components for building a web based platform.
Common components for building a web based platform.
GSMA MobileConnect .Net SDK
Easy integration of your .NET Core with Facebook or Google OAuth services
Firebase library for C#. More Documantion is coming soon
AspNetCore ElasticSearch Identity Provider
DynamoDB data store adaptor for ASP.NET Core Identity
Client library for Super Simple Auth uses JWT and/or Simple GUID Token. Note: Always ... Always use SSL/HTTPS with SSA (Super Simple Auth)! Do not store domain/api keys client side. A node.js proxy will be developed for client side. You need to sign up for a manager profile at https://www.authent...
A supporting package for Firebase.Auth.Rest that makes creating custom tokens easier.
Token authentication libary includes generating JWT authentication token and optionally refreshing the token each request. Fully configurable with Token Builder
Libary to provide base funcionalities to .NET Core and .NET Framework token authentication
Open ID Connect authentification service for Signal2GO
An ASP.NET Core authentication middleware: WeixinAuth for (微信公众号/微信网页授权登录)
HTTP Client (REST, Stream) with Bearer authorization
Data Contracts for (de)serialize ISO20022 XML messages
Binding library of Okta.Oidc library for Xamarin.iOS