Top 20 NuGet auth Packages

a simple auth provider (non standard) to deploy on azure functions
Hawk Http Authentication
SocialAuth4Net is OAuth wrapper for popular social platforms that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and soon Google+, others
This project contains functionality that extends the servicestack framework.
[FX4.0] This module contains BasicAuthenticationHttpModule module that allow you using easily a custom basic http authentication for every IIS/ASP.NET hosted applications, like also WCF REST, WCF SOAP, OData Services & so on...
Basic Authentication implementation for fluent security. No tests in place as I just wanted to throw this up to get things working. See for examples of how to use.
Auth utilities are covered in this package.
Common components for building a web based platform.
Common components for building a web based platform.
GSMA MobileConnect .Net SDK
Easy integration of your .NET Core with Facebook or Google OAuth services
Firebase library for C#. More Documantion is coming soon
AspNetCore ElasticSearch Identity Provider
DynamoDB data store adaptor for ASP.NET Core Identity
Client library for Super Simple Auth uses JWT and/or Simple GUID Token. Note: Always ... Always use SSL/HTTPS with SSA (Super Simple Auth)! Do not store domain/api keys client side. A node.js proxy will be developed for client side. You need to sign up for a manager profile at https://www.authent...
A supporting package for Firebase.Auth.Rest that makes creating custom tokens easier.