Top 20 NuGet auth Packages

Signed Xamarin Google Play Services - Auth assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
Use a branded Google SignIn button in your Xamarin iOS and Android apps
Super simple and easy to install package that allows web sites creators to seamlessly add OAuth support to their ASP.NET MVC 3 sites. Supporting Twitter, Google and Facebook.
Client for SimpleAuth.Api (implements by
DIY Auth is a project aimed at placing the control and responsibility of user authentication in your hands. It implements a simple authorization and authentication scheme following industry best practices that is plug-and-play to help you jump start your next project. Furthermore it stores your user...
Xamarin Android Binding package for Infinum's Android Goldfinger, to simplify fingerprint authentication implementation.
Enhanced identity management built on ASP.NET Core Identity.
Authentication for Tinyweb with a simple Fluent syntax.... What the hell did you expect?
This project contains the Nohros security framework. Which is a port of the JAAS for the .NET. This module contains the web related functionality.
Hawk Http Authentication for Microsoft Katana
Free and Open Source fork of ServiceStack V3 Adds OAuth2 Providers for use in NServiceKit Web and REST Services. Includes built-in support for Google and LinkedIn OAuth2 providers. More Info on Auth Providers:
An Owin module for adding application claims to your User
Claims-based Authorization attributes for WebApi
Claims-based Authorization attributes for MVC
Netrika FhirClient with auth headers
The Google APIs Client Library is a runtime client for working with Google services for Xamarin.Mac This package includes auth components like user-credential, authorization code flow, etc. for making authenticated calls using the OAuth2 spec. Supported Platforms: ...