Top 20 NuGet auth Packages

Elasticsearch data store adaptor for ASP.NET Core Identity.
Adds OpenId Auth Providers for use in StackExpress Web and REST Services. Includes built-in support for Google, Yahoo, MyOpenId and Custom OpenId providers. More Info on Auth Providers:
This package contains classes for issuing App Service Authentication tokens. For more information, check out
Token authentication libary includes generating JWT authentication token and optionally refreshing the token each request. Fully configurable with Token Builder
Cross platform plugin for Firebase Authentication
DIY Auth is a project aimed at placing the control and responsibility of user authentication in your hands. It implements a simple authorization and authentication scheme following industry best practices that is plug-and-play to help you jump start your next project. Furthermore it stores your user...
Ready-to-use authorization forms (Windows Forms only) for popular sites using OAuth: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Yandex etc.
Open ID Connect authentification service for Signal2GO
HTTP Client (REST, Stream) with Bearer authorization
You can get simple informations about authenticated user
VkNet extension to authenticate as Android client app
Package Description
DynamoDB data store adaptor for ASP.NET Core Identity
Hawk Http Authentication for ASP.NET Web API
Collection of services which can be enabled by decorating the assembly with binding attribute
Trimble Connect Platform Services authentication flow for desktop and mobile applications.
Another Implementation of the Twilio's Authy 2FA Api for .Net Framework
This packages contains base for initialise JWT token from file certificate or secret keys.
Gitter# Auth provide you a way to authenticate user on Gitter API
Deprecated. Use the strong named ServiceStack.Authentication.OAuth2 package instead.