Top 20 NuGet fsharp Packages

An predictive text library for .Net
A Simple Predictive Text library
Package Description
Package Description
Client for remote console of IL-2 Sturmovik's dedicated server.
FSharp FnSharp Core Library
A simple predictive text library
A Simple Predictive Text Library
Extension and Static method to check if a url is for an image. Example: "".IsImageUl();
MSBuild task to run FSharpLint.
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Utilities and .Net library wrappers for F#
Json serialization converters for F# option types and discriminated unions.
Prototype of Elm inspired immutable MVVM library for Wpf
F# Active pattern helper functions for Roslyn C#/Visual Basic AST.
Simple predictive text library
OAuth library written in F# with KISS principle in mind so it is simple stupid.
SDK for F# bundled inside .NET Core SDK
A Simple Predictive Text library
Simple Fable App